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Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN) Knowledge Group Preface

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, ASET  had very successfully organized IEEE technically co-sponsored 2ndInternational Conference on “Signal Processing and Integrated Networks (SPIN-2015)” at Amity University Uttar Pradesh, Noida on 19-20 Feb 2015.

Website : www.spin2015.com


This event had excellent researchers and experts from all over the world. This event had 25 high quality invited talks from experts of high international repute. They had given a good glimpse of international scenario in the respective field but also threw light on the future scope of research in the area. These talks had a very high impact in the event and was appreciated by all participants.


In addition to these, there were around 200 paper presenters, some of them young budding researchers, who presented their work, mingled off session with the experts interacting actively on scientific issues and problems. They explored possible future collaborations.  The whole event went so interesting and invigorating that the SPIN 2015 achieved more than it was aimed at. It was felt that these strong useful interactions would be very short-lived, had there been no effort to sustain them and hence we feel there is a need to take things forward to continue this effort for mutual benefit.


With bright exciting, idea of our Respected Founder President, a proposal has been mooted that by taking advantage of the marvel of available on–line communication technology, an interactive website may be launched.

The objective may be to open up a dialog box with interested relevant researchers in a manner for the exchange of idea, results, and discussions for sustained useful and fruitful interactions. This may led to inter institute collaboration that may pave way for opening up new vistas of research. The site may be evolved, in course of time, with more options and opportunities as the suggestions would be floated from the potential users.


We welcome you to this Knowledge group which has the objectives as follows:


·         A platform for researchers to take things forward on the discussions they had during the conference days.

·         A platform for origination of new ideas and research discussion in the scope of the domain for peer researchers.

·         Allow open access of information which will benefit each other mutually for research.

·         Share expertise / database/ Codes / tutorials etc. which may be beneficial to co-researchers and attract collaborative research.

·         Share new research ideas and find collaborating partners.

·         Discussion forums in any relevant topic of interest.


Besides this we would also invite the members for sharing any personal experiences, photographs, videos or any relevant interesting data in this website.

We welcome suggestions and feedback from all in the Email ID – spinkg@amity.edu